Install Windows 7 From USB

That need to be prepared:
  1. Flashdisk 4GB
  2. DVD installer windows 7
The steps are as follows:

  1. Plug the USB stick into your computer with XP,Vista or Win7 Operating systems.
  2. Open The Command Prompt (right click if u use Win7 and Run as administrator)
  3. Type "diskpart"
  4. Type "list disk"
  5. Type "select disk x" (where x = number of disks)
  6. Type "clean"
  7. Type "create partition primary"
  8. Type "select partition 1"
  9. Type "active"
  10. Type "format quick fs=ntfs"
  11. Type "assign"
  12. Type "exit"
  13. Insert your Windows 7 installer  to DVD Rom
  14. Type "f:" (where 'f' is your DVD drive)
  15. Type "cd\boot"
  16. Type "bootsect /nt60 g:" (where 'g' is your USB Tumbdrive)
  17. Type "cd.."
  18. Type "xcopy f:*.* /s/e/f g:"
  19. Thats it...considerate done..!!!